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End of September 2018, Syyskuinen Lähtö 2018 is part of a bigger collection of composing work coming out soon in 2019 spring! This is a row unfinished idea of the arrangement, not for download yet!
Copyrights as usually: Teosto, Helsinki

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Kolibri Nainen Demo in a tango genre was participated between “The Best 10 Composations” in Seinäjoki`s Tango festivals some years ago in Finland! Since that, I was looking for an ambitious male singer to perform this song, so it´s been laying in the lower lock of my desk not so much published! Now the Kolibri Nainen has flowen out the window! Finnish lyric by Marja-Leena Kallatsen, Stimm, Stockholm

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Nainen Oon Vaan… ! Music by Kiki Varga IPI470917541 Teosto
Lyric by Martja-Leena Kallatsen IPI279725515
Arrangement and tracks by Johnny Varga IPI 698632325
Recorded at Homestudio, Hungary, Balaton Lake 2009 at Spring time with the Greatest Nainen´s company of Sussu R.I.P. !

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Lyric By Marja-Leena Kallatsen IPI 279725515 Music By Johnny Varga IPI 698632978 A finnish tango composation from the year 2011, re-arranged 2016

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Anniversary Song Music & Lyric by Kiki and Johnny Varga IPI 698632978 Anniversary, comes too suddenly, when You achieve those days, in Your basket play, see the Years gone by the Wind……. (Lyric and notes available at order by e-mail janos.varga@netti.fi !)

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On Mulla Kiire Elää….. tango on kirjoitettu Marja-Leena Kallatsen, Stimm Stockholm kirjoittaman tekstin pohjalla ja sävellys tulkitsee sitä kiirettä ja rakkautta elämään, joka meitä ympäröi muistuttaen, miten lyhyt hetki on se ihanuus, joka on meille annettu nautittavaksemme! Sanat Marja-Leena Kallatsen IPI 279725515 Sävellys Johnny Varga IPI 468534325

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[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”81″][/sonaar_audioplayer] Oon täysin hulluna Sinuun …… Completely fell in Love with You Music and English Lyric by Johnny Varga IPI 698632978 Teosto Finnish Lyric Marja-Leena Kallatsen IPI 279725515 STIM

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[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”86″][/sonaar_audioplayer] Leafland by Kiki & Johnny Varga Finnish Lyric Lehti Viimeinen by Heli Järvenpää English Lyric by Kiki & Johnny Varga Copyrights by Teosto,Helsinki Finland

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The title of Praying & Remembering is a spontaneous reaction to compose a moment of our life in music, to remeber a passed away soul has been around us a long time! Johnny Varga 2017 January Copyrights: Teosto, Helsinki Johnny Varga IPI 698632978

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[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”96″][/sonaar_audioplayer] Johnny Varga wrote a song For You!

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Finnish version: Menneen Joulun Joululaulu English version: Past Christmas Song Music & English Lyric by Johnny Varga IPI 698632978 Finnish Lyric by Heli Järvenpää IPI TE77795 Copyrights by Teosto, Helsinki Arrangement & recording by Johnny Varga 4/4 time code ,instrumental Original English & Finnish version in 3/4 time code will be published at 2019

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“Song Sanaton” title is A Wordless Song to hustle  remix  recorded this Year in February 2019! Song Sanaton means = A Wordless Song in Jazz-Latin  genre, which is completely improvised composition!  The title is copy-registered in Teosto, NCB Finland. title no.: 30765028  Copyrights holder Janos Varga IPI 468534325 alias Johnny Varga IPI 689632978

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